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Research In Social Sciences
Established in 1893 and published by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, it has for a long time been involved in the field of social sciences and in particular economics. Through the publication of different scientific works by Italian and foreign authors, it aims to provide readers with an extensive insight into all the different areas of economics, as well as scientific debates taking place in Italy and abroad.

Submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed

ISSN carta: 0035-676X
ISSN digitale: 1827-7918

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Energy Poverty in Europe: from Market Liberalisation to the Green Transition and (Energy) Inflation
by Giuseppina Malerba pages: 52 € 6.00
This paper offers a review of energy poverty using official European institution reports as a guideline, emphasising links with the green transition, which are not commonly  analysed in the literature. We propose a brief review of the academic debate on the definition of energy/fuel poverty and the methodologies used to measure the phenomenon. In addition, we examine the initial phase of the discussion, in which we can observe a growth in reports on the issue of energy poverty produced directly or  sponsored by the European Commission. Following this, the topic of energy poverty lost its prevalence, but it became relevant again with the implementation of the European Green Deal. We summarise this new phase in the debate and discuss some best practices in tackling energy poverty, as well as the measures introduced in Italy.
Olympic Games: Between Expectations and Fears. Factor Analysis Model Applied to Olympic Urbanism and Olympic Villages
by Valerio della Sala pages: 32 € 6.00
The various editions of the Olympic Games have given rise to significant urban transformations, introducing a new critical perspective on the urban dimension of the Games,  particularly concerning the construction of the three main physical elements: the athletics stadium, the swimming facilities and above all, the Olympic Village (OV). This study  analyses the relationship between the spatial dimension and the urban fabric of the winter and summer editions. The interdependent relationship between the city and the  Olympic Games has evolved through new models of event development that have marked the importance of the city’s transformation processes. The lack of previous studies  allows us to affirm the importance of this work for the academic debate on the future of the Olympic Games. Factor analysis is used to analyse experts’ responses to assess  perceptions and expectations regarding three elements: social, territorial and organisational transformations.


Autonomous Components in Richard Cantillon’s Essai? An Inquiry through the Lens of the Classical-Keynesian Approach
by Santiago José Gahn pages: 20 € 6.00
The role of demand in the works of some pre-Classical authors has not drawn sufficient attention. We show that autonomous components of aggregate demand are present in  Richard Cantillon’s Essai, written in the XVIIIth century, as are some necessary elements for a formulation of a demand-led theory of output and accumulation.

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