Guidelines Authors

Guidelines Authors

Authors interested in publishing their articles are kindly requested to send them via e-mail with attachment files (both Latex and PDF format) to the following address: The Word format is also accepted, although Latex is the preferred one.

The articles must be written in English. Authors are kindly requested to follow the style sheet (Latex and Word format) downloadable from the
  • LaTeX example template (TemplateRISS.tex)
  • LaTeX article class for RISS (Veparticle_RISS.cls; right click to save the file)
  • Word template (TemplateWordRISS.doc)
Articles should contain the following information:
  • Title / Author(s)
  • Author’s Footnote
  • Abstract, Key Words, JEL Classification
  • Article Text
  • References
  • Acknowledgments
    Acknowledgments of colleagues, grants, funds, etc. should be placed as footnote.
  • Author’s Footnote
    The Author’s footnote should contain the institutional affiliation with complete address and email address.
  • Abstracts and Key Words
    A brief abstract (not exceeding 150 words) should be included before the main text of the paper along with up to five key words or phrases, separated by commas, which describe the subject matter covered, as well as JEL classification
  • Article Text
The main body of the article should be divided by appropriate numbered section and subsection headings.
Abbreviations should be defined at first mention and used consistently thereafter.

Tables should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals following the order in which they are cited. Therefore, each table must be cited in the text. In page layout tables should be placed in sequence as close as possible to their first citation. Each table must have a brief descriptive title on top:
Table 1. - Mean Performance Scores of Students With Different College Majors

Figures and Graphs
Each figure/graph must have a figure caption at the top, including the figure number. Figures are numbered consecutively, using Arabic numerals, and must be cited in the text. Each figure must be keyed into the text as Figure 1, Figure 2 etc. and placed as close as possible to its first citation.
Figures should be attached to the text in an open file format (300dpi) and will be published exclusively in black and white.
Please be sure that figures, graphs and tables fit within the page area (12,5 cm width x 19,5 c. height) and avoid light grey value shadings as well as fine hairlines which might not come out in print.

Reference Citations
Text citations should be made using the author’s surname and date of publication, according to the style sheet.
Reference list.
A reference list should contain references that are cited in the text; its accuracy and completeness are the responsibility of the author(s). References are alphabetized by authors’ surnames; two or more references of the same author(s) must be listed in chronological order. Journal titles should be given in full.
References should be given in a standard form, following the style sheet.

Editorial style
In order to avoid common problems of style:
1. use quotation marks
a) when a standard term is used in a nonstandard way: ‘nnnnnn’
b) to indicate the beginning and ending of a direct quotation: “nnnnnn”;
2. italics may be used only sparingly for words in foreign languages, as well as to introduce and emphasize important terms.

Page proofs will be sent to the author for correction of typographical errors only. In the case of two or more authors please indicate to whom the proofs should be sent.

One copy of the issue in which their article appears will be sent free of charge to each named contributor as well as the PDF file of the article.
Additional copies may be purchased at authors’ expenses at proof stage.
If you need further information, please contact Vita e Pensiero editorial office (


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