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Issue 4 - 2010
Publisher Vita e Pensiero
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On the Production Function for Italy
by Giuseppe Albanese, Marco M. Sorge pages: 16 € 6.00
In this paper, we assess the ability of the Cobb-Douglas framework to match the empirical evidence for Italy. While the growth accounting approach requires the validity of this functional form and of its parameters, we conduct econometric analysis on a panel of regions for the years 2000- 2006 and suggest (i) an alternative specification and (ii) a twofold time series data construction, under which the Cobb-Douglas framework appears to yield the most credible and well-specified formulation of the Italian production function.
Key words: Production function, Total Factor Productivity, Capital stocks. JEL Classification: O47, E23.
Education and Second Birth Risks in Italy
by Luigi Aldieri, Adriana Barone, Concetto Paolo Vinci pages: 16 € 6.00
This paper investigates the role of women’s education in the transition towards having a second child in Italy by using the Longitudinal Investigation on Italian Families (ILFI). By implementing a simple event-history model, we find a negative effect of women’s education on the transition rate towards a second child. This phenomenon might be attributed to the ‘partner’ effect: according to this effect women often live with partners with the same level of education. The empirical investigation supports this effect. In order to test for the robustness of our empirical results, we estimate a model where we also consider employment status and being a Catholic. The results confirm the negative effect of a partner’s education, while the negative effect of female education vanishes.
Key words: Fertility, Human Capital, Education. JEL Classification: I21, J13, J24.
A Note on Consumer Price Dynamics for Subpopulations in Italy
by Matteo Della Valle pages: 16 € 6.00
This paper computes the consumer price indexes for subpopulations chosen according to the age of the head of the family, to his professional condition, to the presence or not of children in the unit, stressing whether these indexes differ statistically from those referring to the whole population. Any divergence over a long period of time between inflation measures for sub-populations and the general level of prices normally used to index salaries and pensions determines distributive effects that are poorly known today, but which could potentially be very significant.
Key words: Consumer Price Index, sub-populations, ageing. JEL Classification: E31, J14.
Relational Goods and the Well-being of People Working in Italian Social Cooperatives
by Nunzia Nappo pages: 26 € 6.00
The paper investigates the role of relational goods in individual satisfaction with life. Individual data provided by the Italian Survey on Social Cooperatives (ICSI, 2007) are used in the econometric analysis, carried out on a sample of 4134 individuals working in Italian social cooperatives. The relationship between relational life and life satisfaction is characterized by problems of endogeneity and biunivocal causality. Therefore, the objective is not to establish causation, but rather to identify the association between life satisfaction and relational goods. Our results show that time spent on relationships within social enterprises with colleagues, superiors, volunteers, customers and outsiders (on-the-job relationships and relationships) is a key determinant of satisfaction with life.
Key words: happiness, on-the-job relationships, relational goods, social cooperatives. JEL Classification: A12, I31, L30.

Note e discussioni

In Search of Good Economics. A note on Luigi Lodovico Pasinetti, «Keynes and the Cambridge Keynesians»
by Andrea Villani pages: 21 € 6.00
This paper analyses Luigi Pasinetti’s evaluation of the meaning, importance and outcomes of the Keynesian revolution and the role played by the most important of the Cambridge Keynesians; it also considers the results of his attempt to complete John Maynard Keynes’ and Piero Sraffa’s elaboration, introducing the idea of a «natural economic system». In particular some of Pasinetti’s theories concerning the role of economics together with the other social sciences in leading to an understanding of production and distribution in industrial and post-industrial society, and in establishing scientific policy guidelines, are discussed.
Key words: Distribution and development, criteria of rationality in social choices, separation theorem, third way. JEL Classification: B290, B410.

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