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Carmen Aina

Carmen Aina
Vita e Pensiero
Carmen Aina è una ricercatrice e docente presso il dipartimento di Studi per l'Economia e l'Impresa degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale.


Titoli dell'autore

To Stay or to Move? Freshmen and University Accessibility in Italy digital
Year: 2012
ABSTRACT The paper analyses the effects of the number of university degree courses available in the province of residence on the probability of studying in that province rather than moving to a different one. The supply of degree courses outside the province of residence is weighted by a spatial matrix where the distance between the province of residence and any other province is imputed in minutes. The results confirm that the probability of enrolling in a faculty located in the same province of residence is positively correlated to the number of courses available. In particular, the probability of enrolling at university in the province of residence is higher for the departments where the attendance is compulsory (i.e. Engineering). The enrolment behaviour of freshmen differs according to gender, with females more sensitive to the supply of local degree courses. KEYWORDS: freshmen, university accessibility, number of degree courses, spatial distance. JEL Classification: I23.
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The Determinants of Success and Failure of Italian University Students. Evidence from administrative data digital
Year: 2011
We use unique administrative data from a large private Italian university to estimate whether individual characteristics, academic performance, geographical mobility and family size may affect completion of a degree course or not. Several outcomes are taken into account, namely the probability of withdrawal for voluntary or involuntary reasons, of graduating within the minimum period, and graduating with top marks. Our estimates highlight that all the above aspects drive the outcomes analysed. Poor high school performance in particular increases the chances of non-completion and graduation after the legal length of the course. In contrast, higher final high school marks, a more academic-oriented diploma, living in a small family and being commuters result in a higher probability of gaining a degree with top marks and within the minimum period. Key words: survival analysis, dropout, stopouts, time-to-degree, undergraduate performance. JEL Classification: J24, I23.
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