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Marisa Civardi

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The SAM as a Framework to Catch the Generation Process of Inequality in the Households Income Distribution digital
Year: 2019
The paper introduces the Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) as a suitable framework to catching the inequality generating process of households income distribution. This framework which allows linking personal to functional income distribution highlights the linkages between the different sources of inequality: the macro features of the productive system and the individual/household endowments...
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Measuring poverty within and between population subgroups digital
Year: 2008
In this paper we propose a decomposition of the Foster, Greer, Thorbecke (FGT) class of poverty indices into two components (namely, poverty within groups and poverty between groups) when both a community-wide threshold and a specific poverty line for each subgroup of population is used. The aim is to suggest an integrated perspective that takes into account both poverty within a specific subgroup of the population and poverty between different subgroups. This allows us to throw light on the relative well-being conditions of specific subgroups of the population as well as of society as a whole. The paper also includes an empirical application of the suggested methodology based on the European Community Household Panel.
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