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Young People in the XXI Century digital Young People in the XXI Century
Year: 2009
The Italian young people account for less than 24% of total population (the lowest percentage in the European Union) and they are going to fall down to 19% by the 2050. On the contrary, young Americans are going to raise for the next 40 years. At the same time the age of young Italians when leaving the parental household can be considered high (about 31 for men and 29 for women) compared to the other Europeans. The reasons can be found in a combination of cultural and financial constraints, but choices of convenience are important too. Finally the analysis of the prevailing values of young people shows that human rights (46,9%), peace (41,5%) and respect for human life (39,2%) are the three main personal values for the Europeans, and that rule of the law (38,3%), respect for human life (38,2%) and human rights (35,8%) are the main for the Italians. Key words: Age structure, Migration, Transition to adulthood, Sociodemographic. JEL Classification: J110, R230.
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