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The Impact of Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Announcements on Asset Prices: A Review digital
Year: 2019
This paper examines the evolution of the financial market impact of Federal Reserve monetary policy announcements. I begin by describing the changes in Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) communication practices, especially during and after the recent financial crisis. Then, I discuss the financial market effects of three types of monetary policy announcements: decisions about the current level of the federal funds target rate, forward guidance about the future path of the federal funds rate, and announcements about future large-scale asset purchases...
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Providing Content for ECB Announcements digital
Year: 2007
This paper proposes a new objective methodology for analysing the verbatim transcripts of central bank announcements. I apply a statistical method based on locally recurring word patterns, the descending hierarchical classification algorithm, to identify the characteristic themes of the monthly press conferences of the President of the ECB. The econometric evidence suggests that these press conferences convey information to the public. Moreover, the reaction of market rates strongly depends on the principal themes of the statement.
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Point-System Driving Licence: Was it Really Necessary? digital
Year: 2005
In Italy, in July 2003, a new highway code came into force. Among other things, it posits a «revolutionary » point-system driving licence. This paper analyses optimal punishment schemes and shows that a simpler policy intervention, such as a dynamic increase in the size of the pecuniary sanctions, could have induced the same outcome.
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