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Chiara Mussida

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Disability and Material Deprivation: A Profile of Disadvantage in Italy digital
Year: 2022
We provide an analysis of material deprivation in Italy using a dynamic correlated random effects probit model with endogenous initial conditions and highlighting the role of disability. We examine the two alternative indicators, one of material deprivation and on of material and social deprivation, and we offer a subgroup analysis. Our results indicate the presence of true state dependence for both types of deprivation...
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Wages and Employment Chances for Women: the Role of Expected and Actual Fertility digital
Year: 2018
Motherhood is often associated with reduced labour market prospects. However, any ‘motherhood penalty’ may reflect selection effects as well as direct causal effects of having children. We extend the discussion to look at how intentions towards future fertility – and whether they are realised – affect labour market chances for women (employment participation opportunities and wages)...
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Drivers of Occupational Gender Desegregation in Southern European Countries digital
Year: 2016
Occupational gender segregation is an enduring feature of labour markets across all industrialized countries. We study the relevance of segregation with a particular emphasis on gender and occupation and its impact on gender inequalities in access to employment and wages. We analyse four Southern European countries, i.e., Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, characterized by different labour market institutions even though similar in the features of the welfare state...
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