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Disability and Material Deprivation: A Profile of Disadvantage in Italy digital
Year: 2022
We provide an analysis of material deprivation in Italy using a dynamic correlated random effects probit model with endogenous initial conditions and highlighting the role of disability. We examine the two alternative indicators, one of material deprivation and on of material and social deprivation, and we offer a subgroup analysis. Our results indicate the presence of true state dependence for both types of deprivation...
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The efficiency of matching in Portuguese public employment service digital
Year: 2013
This paper assesses the matching efficiency of the Portuguese public employment service,...
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Part-time Work and Wage Penalty Trend among Italian Women digital
Year: 2008
This paper studies the evolution of the full-time/part-time wage differential among Italian women for the period 1993-2004. A generalized Heckman selection model is applied to estimate the wage equations, controlling for endogeneity in the second step. An observed part-time wage penalty is found. However, using the Oaxaca decomposition technique we actually find a (decreasing) wage premium for part-timers. This can be explained either in terms of over-payment of given characteristics or in terms of the values of the discrimination and the selection components. The individuals’ choice concerning their own type of contract appears to be important in determining the sign and the extent of the wage gap.
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