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Laura Barbieri

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A macro-micro econometric model for the italian labour market digital
Year: 2013
In this paper we propose a new macro-micro econometric framework which incorporates both aggregate labour demand and supply, and the labour market flows which determine the steady-state unemployment rate. Thus, we can simulate either demand or supply shocks and therefore assess their impacts on labour demand and supply, and also on unemployment and labour market flows. This enables us to pinpoint the dynamic effects of such shocks.
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Panel Cointegration Tests: A Survey digital
Year: 2008
Over the last decade much research has been carried out on the topic of econometric non-stationary panel data, especially because of the availability of new datasets (e.g. the Penn World Tables) in which the time-series dimension and the cross-section dimension are of the same order of magnitude. This paper presents a review of the most recent cointegration tests in a panel framework. This kind of test has been developed to extend the unit root approach to a multivariate context. Panel cointegration tests in literature are twofold, on the one hand there are those which verify the null hypothesis of no cointegration, on the other hand there are those which verify the null hypothesis of cointegration. This paper covers both sides of the subject providing insights on the applicability of these tests.
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