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Margherita Agnoletto

Margherita Agnoletto
Vita e Pensiero

Margherita Agnoletto collabora con il Centro ricerche sul lavoro «Carlo Dell’Aringa» (Crilda) dell’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, dove si occupa di analisi dei mercati locali del lavoro. Nelle sue ricerche ha studiato la soddisfazione sul lavoro in relazione agli orientamenti di genere.


Author's titles

Sorting, Social Comparison and Women’s Job Satisfaction digital Sorting, Social Comparison and Women’s Job Satisfaction
Year: 2020
Using linked employer-employee data for the UK we address competing explanations for gender gaps in job satisfaction. Previous studies have rationalized the puzzling greater satisfaction of women either by pointing out gender differences in competitive attitudes, or through differences in sorting across jobs and industries. Our data allow us to test both explanations within a unified framework. The employer-employee structure of the data enables us to control for workplace unobserved heterogeneity that drives sorting...

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