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Severe Health Conditions and Household Deprivation digital
Year: 2022
A person with severe health conditions faces capability deprivations that can affect both the well-being of the person him\herself and that of the household, in both material and non-material domains. From a capability-approach perspective, we analyse the material and non-material deprivation of households when one member is affected by a severe health condition with relevant disabling consequences. Furthermore, we investigate the main determinants of such deprivation, enabling the identification of tailored policies...
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Cost of Raising Children, Child Poverty and Fertility Decisions digital
Year: 2019
This study estimates the cost of raising children, which we also term the ‘‘price’’ of children, in the context of the collective theory of the household following Lazear and Michael’s (1988) method, not yet applied in the literature.
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Eliciting Risk and Time Preferences in Field Experiments: Are They Related to Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Outcomes? Are Circumstances Important? digital
Year: 2009
This study investigates how cognitive and non-cognitive personality traits, and economic preference parameters, such as risk aversion and impatience, relate to each other and to characteristics pertaining to the individual, family and society paying special attention to the role played by circumstances and responsibilities as the result of individuals’ effort. The analysis uses data about cognitive abilities, non-cognitive personality traits, economic preferences and the socio-economic circumstances of a sample of High School leavers in the Veneto region, located in the North-East of Italy, and two samples of university students, one covering the nation as a whole and the other from the University of Verona. We show that it is both feasible and reliable to elicit risk and time attitudes in field experiments. The study of the relations linking cognitive skills, non-cognitive traits, economic parameters and socio-economic circumstances has revealed interesting regularities. Key words: Cognitive abilities, Non-cognitive traits, Risk and time preferences, School performance, Reservation wages, Equality of opportunity, Circumstances, Responsibility, Effort. JEL Classification: I20, J24, K4.
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