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Severe Health Conditions and Household Deprivation

digital Severe Health Conditions and Household Deprivation
Issue RIVISTA INTERNAZIONALE DI SCIENZE SOCIALI - 2022 - 2. A Special Issue on “Economics of Disability”
Title Severe Health Conditions and Household Deprivation
Authors , , ,
Publisher Vita e Pensiero
Format Article | Pdf
Online da 06-2022
Doi 10.26350/000518_000094
Issn 0035-676X (print) | 1827-7918 (digital)
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A person with severe health conditions faces capability deprivations that can affect both the well-being of the person him\herself and that of the household, in both material and non-material domains. From a capability-approach perspective, we analyse the material and non-material deprivation of households when one member is affected by a severe health condition with relevant disabling consequences. Furthermore, we investigate the main determinants of such deprivation, enabling the identification of tailored policies. The empirical analysis is conducted on a dataset of families with a member with acquired brain injury (ABI). ABIs may cause cognitive, physical and/or behavioural impairments. Our results show that the presence of a family member with an ABI is correlated with higher economic vulnerability and a lower quality of social relations within the family. From a policy perspective, our findings imply that economic support is not sufficient to foster the well-being of persons and families ABI members.


Health, Disability, Household, Capability Approach, Well-being, Rehabilitation.

Authors biography

Mario Biggeri, Federico Ciani, Università di Firenze. Email Biggeri: Email Ciani:
Martina Menon, Federico Perali, Università di Verona. Email Menon: Email Perali:

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