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Paolo Santori

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The Gnostic Pandemic: Virtual Worship and the Eclipse of Community in the Time of Covid-19 digital
Year: 2022
One of the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic is the adoption of lockdown policies by national governments to contain the spread of the virus. The two more visible effects on societies are social distancing and the virtualization of social practices. This paper examines some impacts of these phenomena on people’s religious preferences. We investigated how the shift from in-person to online congregation was perceived by Catholic and Protestant believers...
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Policies and Public Happiness: The Economy of Francesco Seen Through the Lens of the Civil Economy digital
Year: 2021
The Economy of Francesco, launched by Pope Francis’s initiative in 2019, is a global movement of young economists, entrepreneurs and changemakers aiming to rethink the whole economic system. The initiative has now developed over two years, seeing the commitment of thousands of young people from various parts of the globe...

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