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Issue 1 - 2012
Publisher Vita e Pensiero
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Employment of Disabled People According to Law 68/1999. A Multidimensional Analysis at Regional Level
by Massimiliano Agovino, Agnese Rapposelli pages: 21 € 6.00
Law 68/1999, whose aim is the regulation and promotion of the employment of persons with disabilities, delegates to regions the management of the labour market. However, its successful implementation does not depend exclusively on the regions’ actions but also on the environmental context.
We propose a two-step analysis focusing on Italian regions for the year 2005. In the first phase, we use multidimensional scaling in order to identify different socio-economic contexts. Then, cluster analysis is used in order to test for the presence of subsets among Italian regions. The results show that an environment featuring a large number of profit-making firms, and providing support services for disabled people, provides most opportunities for the employment of disabled people. On the contrary, large public sector organizations and a rather closed social environment do not seem to have a positive impact on the employment process.

KEYWORDS: Disabled People, Public Policy, Non-Labour Market Discrimination, Multidimensional Scaling, Cluster Analysis.

JEL Classification: J14, J48, C14, C19, C38.
To Stay or to Move? Freshmen and University Accessibility in Italy
by Carmen Aina, Eliana Baici pages: 20 € 6.00
The paper analyses the effects of the number of university degree courses available in the province of residence on the probability of studying in that province rather than moving to a different one. The supply of degree courses outside the province of residence is weighted by a spatial matrix where the distance between the province of residence and any other province is imputed in minutes. The results confirm that the probability of enrolling in a faculty located in the same province of residence is positively correlated to the number of courses available. In particular, the probability of enrolling at university in the province of residence is higher for the departments where the attendance is compulsory (i.e. Engineering). The enrolment behaviour of freshmen differs according to gender, with females more sensitive to the supply of local degree courses.

KEYWORDS: freshmen, university accessibility, number of degree courses, spatial distance.

JEL Classification: I23.
Discovering the ‘demographic GDP’
by Gian Carlo Blangiardo pages: 13 € 6.00
How much is the total remaining life that a population has left to live? It is around this issue that a new approach to demographic accountancy is being developed, with the objective of showing the dimension of the future of a population both in terms of remaining life ‘‘asset’’ at a specific moment and of ‘‘annual incomes’’, which can be seen as the demographic GDP, the total lifeyears acquired during the course of a year from births and the net balance of migration flows. The population must then face, with the abovementioned demographic GDP, the total number of life-years consumed during the same time period, having been lived or lost through deaths. The calculation of the asset and the demographic GDP for the Italian population and that of two big European countries has suggested some thoughts on the sustainability of the current demographic development and on the possible lines of intervention to manage this trend.

KEYWORDS: life potential, demographic GDP, demographic perspectives.

JEL Classification: J11 – Demographic Trends, Macroeconomic Effects, and Forecasts.
The costs of rebalancing the China-US co-dependency
by Luigi Bonatti, Andrea Fracasso pages: 47 € 6.00
The global crisis has revived the growth-rebalancing debate, backing the position of those advocating a fast reduction of the imbalances between the US and China. By means of a two-country two-stage growth model reproducing the main qualitative features of the Sino-American co-dependency, we analyze alternative (medium- and long-term) scenarios for its evolution. We show that altering the Chinese exchange rate policy and down-sizing the US external deficits with a view to moving the production of tradables toward the US may imply relevant costs: the emergence of structural unemployment in the US and a slow-down in the process whereby the Chinese labor force is gradually absorbed in the modern sectors of the economy.

KEYWORDS: growth-rebalancing, global imbalances, structural unemployment.

JEL Classification: E42, F33, F41, F43, O41.

Note e discussioni

Matching survey and administrative data for studying poverty at the local level
by Alessandra Coli pages: 9 € 6.00
Official statistics do not generally provide poverty statistics for detailed geographic areas. However, local government needs reliable data to design effective policies and actions against poverty and social exclusion. On the other hand, local government agencies usually have access to a wealth of administrative data which can help computing useful statistics. Survey and administrative data combined can produce a synthetic and yet more complete view on the economic well-being of people. This paper deals with the matching of survey and administrative data on individual income at a local level. An application is given for the Province of Pisa for the year 2008.

KEYWORDS: data integration, record linkage, local income indicators.

JEL Classification: C81, D14.
Social Rules and Agreements Besides the ‘Invisible Hand’ A note on Carlo Beretta, «Non di solo mercato... Ruolo e ragioni di accordi, regole e istituzioni»
by Andrea Villani pages: 10 € 6.00
Recently an old debate amongst scholars of economics and of other social sciences has been revived: that between supporters of the free market and supporters of public regulation of economic activity, the aims being specifically that of efficiency according to the former group, and development, stability and social justice for the latter. In this paper we consider Carlo Beretta’s analysis, which by means of a historical and theoretical method, gives evidence of the limits of the neoclassical approach, and emphasizes the importance of social rules and agreements, i.e. the need for the intervention of collective institutions in order to reach the fundamental goals of social and economic policy.

KEYWORDS: Market, development, public institutions.

JEL Classification: B290, B410.

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