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Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini

Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini
Vita e Pensiero
Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini, dottore di ricerca e dottore commercialista, è professore associato di Finanza aziendale presso l'Università Cattolica di Milano. è autore di articoli di ricerca su: evoluzione dei sistemi finanziari, struttura finanziaria delle imprese, corporate governance nel mondo profit e non profit, aspetti istituzionali e di pricing di strumenti finanziari.

Author's titles

Outlines of New Economic Paradigms. Answers of the Social Doctrine of the Church to the Meaningful Questions of Our Time digital
Year: 2022
The world is often shocked by economic, financial, environmental and health emergencies that require global responses. A holistic approach to reviewing development models is needed, one that does not give up healthy growth and avoids an unequal and unregulated capitalism. A unique and organic path can be found within the social doctrine of the Church...
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Systemic Risk Determinants in the European Banking Industry during Financial Crises, 2006-2012 digital
Year: 2018
The recent financial turmoil has stimulated a rich debate in banking and financial literature on the identification of systemic risk determinants and devices to forecast and prevent crises. This paper explores the contribution of corporate variables to systemic risk using the CoVaR approach (Adrian and Brunnermeier, 2016)...
€ 6.00
Is Corruption Detrimental for Stock Returns? Evidence from a Panel of Latin American Firms (2004-2013): A Note digital
Year: 2017
This paper empirically investigates the impact of national level of corruption on stock returns for a panel of listed firms in Latina America for the period 2004-2013. Two measures of corruption are used...
€ 6.00
A leap forward over the wall: Italian economy and economic thought in the Fifties digital
Year: 2014
May the history of economic thought be a useful device for addressing a sustainable path...
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Why Do Italian Joint Stock Companies Adopt One or Two-Tier Board? digital
Year: 2010
The possibility to choose between two alternative corporate governance systems (i. e. one-tier and two-tier board) was introduced in Italy by the Corporate Law Reform at the beginning of 2004. This reform, which provides for the adoption of a one- or a two-tier board for both listed and unlisted joint stock companies, has modified the traditional Italian corporate governance system based on a board of directors and an external audit committee, although the percentage of firms adopting the alternative systems is still low. This survey implements probit regressions in order to identify the determinants of the adoption of alternative corporate governance systems. Results provide evidence that corporations with better performances in terms of sales, such as corporations that are subject to control and coordination prefer to maintain a traditional system. Conversely, firms with ownership in the hands of a high proportion of individual shareholders prefer a one-tier model. Key words: Corporate governance, One tier and two tier board, Joint stock companies. JEL Classification: G34, K22, M42.
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Il processo di recupero di efficienza nel sistema finanziario italiano orientato al credito (1960-1994) digital
Year: 01/1997
€ 6.00
Dalle origini del sistema finanziario italiano alla scelta a favore della stabilità digital
Year: 01/1996
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